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July 2015

Fly Fishing West Branch of the Ausable River- adirondacks, usa


I had the great pleasure of fishing with Enrique Catalan last evening! The river was coming off of a warm spell. We had a nice rain event yesterday afternoon that started to cool things off but the fish activity was still a little slower than normal. Enrique was able to adapt his casting to the “wrong side” of the river and turn several fish before he set the hook on this sweet broad shouldered 16.5″ ausable river brown trout! It was another beautiful Adirondack evening on the Ausable River! It was great to spend an evening like that fishing with a new friend and fellow trout enthusiast on a quiet section of productive water! Definitely another “guide’s life” moment in the Adirondacks! (See you at the NYSASBO conference Enrique!)

Enrique Catalan July 2015


Fly Fishing West Branch of the Ausable River- adirondacks, usa2019-08-01T18:22:30+00:00

Adirondack fly fishing adventure on the Ausable River!


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of fishing with John S., his 2 sons Aaron and Peter, and his life long friend Ernie. The water level was high and we were confined to fishing close to the banks. The Ausable River fishes well at higher levels. The fish get pushed to the edges and the larger fish are on the prowl. We fished streamers and nymphs. These techniques were new to the guys but they were quick to catch on. They each turned and missed several good fish. John’s sons each hooked up with several good fish that managed to use the heavy current to their advantage and create the slack they needed to throw the fly. Ernie was able to land a 15″ brown in heavy water on a streamer! Good fun and a lot of “river wisdom” was shared by all!

“Life is short, art is long and nature is better than both!”-‘Nessmuk’ (George Washington Sears-‘Godfather of the Adirondacks’)

John and Ernie

Adirondack fly fishing adventure on the Ausable River!2019-08-01T18:22:30+00:00