During your guided Adirondack snowshoe hare hunts New York, you will have the chance to hunt over the 25 year old Giammanco line of beagles that has been bred for the cold weather and heart pounding pursuit of the Adirondack snowshoe hare. If you have ever hunted this large wily, rangy and perfectly camouflaged hare, then you must know that compared to the cottontail,  the snowshoe hare will run out up to 1.5 miles before he throws a single turn into the mix to try and bring the dogs back across and old track to lose them!

It is a fantastic way to spend a day afield with friends and family. The hunt is casual enough when the dogs are heading away from you and quickly turns to heart pounding excitement as you hear the dogs closing the gap, they are coming back around and you are trying to position your self to get a glimpse and maybe even a shot at the “white ghost” of the mountains!  I assure you, your chances are dramatically increased when hunting over the lineage of Bubba, Bruno, Flip Flop and Miss Becky!

The sounds of the hounds are complimented with the handler’s colorful style and communication with his pack! There are times when you will enjoy listening to the handler manage his brace of dogs almost as much as you will love listening to the hounds!

Guided Adirondack Snowshoe Hare hunts in northern New York


Season: October 1-March 15

1 FULL DAY -$350.00 daily guide and hounds fee for up to 2 hunters. $85.00 per additional hunter up to a total of 5 hunters. (includes lunch and water)

“CONSECUTIVE” DAYS DISCOUNT –  Reduced daily guide and hounds fee of $250.00 (covers first 2 hunters) after the first day and just $55.00 per hunter up to a total of 5 hunters for each consecutive day of hunting after the first.

A 25% deposit of guided day (s) total is required to secure your preferred dates.

Things to bring:

  • Warm clothes-dress in layers
  • Snowshoes (rentals available)
  • Firearm and ammunition- .410, 28 gauge, 20 gauge and 16 gauge recommended.
  • Several pairs of gloves
  • Florescent orange clothing and hat
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Guided Snowshoe Hare Hunt in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York
Guided snowshoe hare hunts in the Adirondacks. www.flyfishADK.com