The 2015 Adirondack grouse and woodcock season begins! The foliage was heavy with only about a 5% tinge of color peeking through. It was a little warmer than we like and turned out to be tough hunting for both of us! We were hunting new coverts that we identified after doing a little research into the 6 million acres of public land available for public use. My wire haired Griffon, Tucker put us on a few grouse and several woodcock this weekend! Woodcock season opens October 1 so these were just training opportunites for Tuck! I had 2 shot opportunities on the 3 grouse and was able to take one. I was a little behind and thus no fan left! I will go home and practice getting the gun up and swinging thru! It is always a challenge especially early season with the leaves still on. The shot opportunity is shortened from a 3 second chance down to a 1 second chance unless everything comes together just right. While I was reading the other day, I was reminded of a practice technique that one can try. Secure a mini-mag/small flashlight to the barrel of your favorite empty upland gamebird gun. From the ready carry position, shine the light into the corner where 2 walls meet at the cieling. Bring the gun up while keeping the light shining in the corner. Most will notice the light drops briefly when your hands aren’t coming up together. Now, while bringing the gun up, try and slide the light down the seam of the ceiling and wall from the corner while staying in front of the flushing bird! A good exercise to remind us of the speed and fluidity required to get in front of one of the fastest flying gamebirds out there! Especially while still composing ourselves from a startling flush! Have a great upland game bird season and give Tucker and I a call if you want to get out and hunt the big woods for some Adirondack Gouse and Woodcock!

Adirondack grouse season begins!

Adirondack grouse season begins!

Dead bird point

Dead bird point!

adirondack grouse and gun

Adirondack grouse and gun